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MBA-In Hotel Management ( UAB)

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UAB- MBA, 호텔 경영

시작일: 2012 10 18~ 2013 5 16

목요일 ~ 금요일 17:00부터 21:00까지 토요일 10:00 ~14:00까지 클래스가 진행됩니다.


학점: 60학점




Strategic Management
(5 ECTS credits)

  • Strategic Analysis.

  • Strategy Design.

  • Strategy Implementation.

  • Organisational structure and design.

  • Sectorial case study.

  • Online case study.

Human Resource Management (5 ECTS credits)

  • Management skills and development of Human Resources.

  • Career plan design.

  • Staff selection.

  • Wage Systems.

  • Job study, definition and valoration.

  • Sectorial case study.

  • Online case study.

Marketing and Commercial Management (5 ECTS credits)

  • Hotel marketing plan.

  • Communication and advertising.

  • Brand management and corporate identity.

  • Hotel commercialisation.

  • Revenue Management.

  • Sectorial case study.

  • Online case study.

Financial management
(10 ECTS credits)

  • Financial analysis.

  • Analytical and budgetary accounting. Treasury management.

  • Flotation.

  • Investment analysis and hotel group valuation.

  • Sectorial case study.

  • Online case study.

Operational Management and Informational Systems
(5 ECTS credits)

  • Operational Control.

  • Operational contracts.

  • Purchasing Management.

  • Management of new hotel opening.

  • Restaurant unit management.

  • Sectorial case study.

  • Informational Systems and TIC's.

  • Mainframe Hotel Management Systems.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

  • SCM. Purchasing portals in the hotel sector.

  • Management and distribution through the Internet.

  • Online case study.

Project and Practicum

(30 ECTS credits)

  • The project comprises 15 ECTS credits and is assessed by a tribunal. It consists of a business plan and the implemetation of a management system. It's compulsory.

  • The practicum comprises 15 ECTS credits and is assessed by means of an internship report. The aim is for participants to adapt individually and complement their professional profiles in the best way possible in accordance with their previous experience and career guidance that they require. It's compulsory.

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